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Steven Saus (pronounced like "sauce") injects people with radioactivity as his day job, but only to serve the forces of good.

He is an author, sociologist, professional eBook converter, publisher, and nuclear medicine technologist living in Dayton, Ohio. His first venture into writing and publishing was while in second grade using a mimeograph machine. He has been writing ever since. After leaving his home state of West Virginia, he joined the military, finally learning to say "Y'all" while in Korea. After completing his military service, he has worked in the civilian medical sector. He completed his bachelor's degree ten years after starting, and with enough credits for two and a half degrees. He completed his Master's degree in a little bit less time, but with a bit more debt.

It seems strange when people tell him these aspects of his life are unrelated; to him, the skills from one area of study enhance talents in other aspects of his life. He enjoys making connections between his studies, life experiences, and other random events, which makes him either fascinating or excruciatingly boring at parties.

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Contact MeI have experience in qualitative and quantitative social research, education, creating written materials (both fiction and non-fiction), the medical field, the military, web design, and some programming experience. I am also a frequent presenter and panelist at both literary and academic conventions, and have experience formatting ebooks in both ePub and Kindle formats. You can review much of my applicable work in the non-fiction area of the site, and view my résumé or CV.

I am also a small publisher as Alliteration Ink, and I am a member of several professional industry organizations.

Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Horror Writers Association

If you would like to discuss what I can offer, contact me below.

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